Brauerei Breit

Brasserie Valaisanne

The craft brewery in the Canton of Valais

Heart and soul and Valaisian pride! This is the Brasserie Valaisanne/Valaisian brewery in Sion. The brewery has always focused on its fellow citizens – along the lines of: From Valais for Valaisians and Valais enthusiasts! Valais’ oldest brewery is as much a part of the canton as is the Rhone, the apricot and the Matterhorn.

It all began with the Dutch pharmacist Maurice de Quay who founded a brewery in Sitten in 1865. He named it after the district in which it is located to this day: Saint-Georges. With this he laid the foundation for the subsequent Brasserie Valaisanne.

The Valaisian brewery has been a part of Feldschlösschen since 1972 and in 2015 proudly celebrated its 150th anniversary.

Beer is not just produced, but “crafted” with heart and soul and great passion.


In Valais, highly motivated and committed brewers produce beer with their heart and soul and great passion. In addition to the popular classics Valaisanne Lager and Valaisanne Spéciale, as well as the trendy Blonde 25, Brasserie Valaisanne also brews two Valaisian craft beers: Valaisanne Ämrich Weizen (a wheat beer with a delicate apricot aroma) and Valaisanne Pale Ale (a fruity, aromatic single hop pale ale).

The brewing water used comes from the La Fille spring. It emerges at an elevation of 1,800 m above sea level above Sion near Arbaz in the Sionne Valley. Depending on the beer type, carefully selected hops, special malts and fresh yeast are added.