Feldschlösschen Brewery

Switzerland’s most popular stately home

Almost every Swiss is familiar with our head office: the castle in Rheinfelden, in the Fricktal region within the Canton of Aargau! It is the emblem of our company and a landmark of the entire region. We have been brewing our fine beer here since 1876. Here we continue the story that started with our founding fathers Theophil Roniger and Mathias Wüthrich more than 140 years ago.

Approximately 650 employees in various areas and jobs have their workplace in the location of Rheinfelden: in the brewhouse, the warehouse, the office, the laboratory, the stables etc.


In the past 140+ years, the company developed into Switzerland’s leading brewery and beverage retailer. Every fourth glass of beer drunk in Switzerland is by the Feldschlösschen brand. However, our numerous other brands, such as Cardinal, Carlsberg, Eve, Hürlimann, Warteck and Gurten are also brewed in the brewhouse in Rheinfelden using our own recipe.

Did you know that you can visit Switzerland’s most popular stately home?

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