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The castle in Rheinfelden is our emblem and a symbol of Swiss beer tradition. Our doors are always open to visitors. We are delighted to give more than 30,000 people an understanding of the background of beer production every year. As a visitor on a tour, you can discover what is probably the most beautiful brewhouse in the world, the impressive basement and bottling facilities, the lavishly preserved collection of vintage cars and numerous further testimonies of historic and modern art of brewing.

Which ingredients do we use? How does the brewing process work? Who were the founders of the Feldschlösschen Brewery? How do you taste beer? What types of beer are there?  Our professional tour guides will take you through our brewery and give you interesting facts about the craft of beer production, our history etc.

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Our offer includes the following guided tours: During the classic Brewery Tour you will find out everything about the journey of beer – from the raw materials to the bottling. You will also get to know our strongest employees during a short visit to the stable. The Vintage Vehicle Tour is also about horsepower: In the company’s own collection you will find out more about Feldschlösschen’s nostalgic cars. The Sommelier Tour offers connoisseurs an experience for all senses. The Tradition Tours provide an exciting insight into the early founding years. During the Sustainability Tour we will tell you what we are doing today for the future.

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