On the move for our customers

From 15 logistics locations across Switzerland, the Customer Supply Chain (Logistics) department ensures that our customers from the catering, retail and beverage trade receive the correct quantity of goods ordered, at the right time. 

We have logistics platforms in the following locations: Berne, Biel, Crissier, Dietikon, Emmen, Givisiez (incl. Event Center), Rheinfelden (incl. Event Center), Rickenbach SO, Satigny, Sion, Taverne, Thun, Visp, Winterthur, Zizers.

60% of all internal stock transfers, deliveries to major customers and raw material deliveries are undertaken by rail. This equates to approximately 7,700 rail wagons annually.  Approximately 200 chauffeurs work for Feldschlösschen and on a peak day in the high season we process up to 3,000 deliveries.


“The right goods, the right quantity, at the right time, in the right place. That is the job of logistics.”