Vintage car exhibition

An attraction bursting with horsepower

Saurer, Berna & Co. are parts of the permanent vintage car exhibition on the Feldschlösschen site in Rheinfelden – an exciting overview of Feldschlösschen’s delivery vehicles, from the beginnings of motorisation to date.

The museum includes more than 20 historic vehicles. They illustrate more than 100 years in the commercial vehicle industry and can be viewed during a brewery tour or a special guided tour of the exhibition.  Furthermore, the vintage cars are used for special events, such as vintage car rallies, anniversaries of Feldschlösschen customers etc.


Feldschlösschen’s Oldtimer Club (vintage car club) is committed to preserving these old brewery vehicles, cultivating the tradition and continuing the story of these vintage vehicles. They nurture the commercial vehicles that used to serve the brewery, and repair, maintain and present them to the public on special occasions. 

Please note:

The vintage cars are not hired out to third parties. They can be viewed during a brewery tour in the vintage car exhibition and are used on special occasions.