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We communicate openly

Irrespective of our role or position, we communicate actively and transparently at all levels. We exchange ideas and information in team meetings or during the monthly after-work meeting, or discuss what's on our mind with the CEO over a beer. In doing so, we treat each other kindly and are always open to feedback and constructive criticism. We are informed of the priorities and goals by the management during the annual staff information event and are given an insight into the business development on a monthly basis. We ensure an active flow of information via various communication channels, such as the Intranet, notice boards, staff magazine and personal conversations. 


In doing so, we rely on team work. Our guiding principle, “One Team”, i.e. co-operation, is our top priority because only together we are stronger.  Cross-divisional teamwork also plays an important part within our company. Every day we work together with our colleagues from production, sales, administration etc., exceeding the limits of our own division in order to jointly achieve our goals. 



Discover Feldschlösschen with its diversity, grow with challenges and live the culture.


At Feldschlösschen, we are aware that diversity can be found in every social identity such as gender, age, culture, ethnicity, physical abilities, political and religious beliefs, sexual orientation and other characteristics. We strive to create and maintain an atmosphere that actively embraces diversity and promotes integration to ensure that when people work at Feldschlösschen, they can be their true self.

Our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) is anchored in four pillars that guide our approach and support the integration of D&I into our core HR processes where relevant and possible.

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