Aramis Fohlen


Aramis – the sweetheart

Aramis is the first Feldschlösschen horse to be born in the stables in Rheinfelden in the brewery’s 140-year history. His mother, Pouliche, brought him into the world on a mild spring day at Feldschlösschen. Aramis grew up magnificently and is now in training to be a brewery horse. He’s a hard-working pupil and is usually well-behaved – although his mischievous side sometimes comes out, despite the carters’ patient efforts to keep him in line. Aramis has been trusting towards people since he was a young foal. Being born on the grounds of the castle brewery has made a life-long impression: he’s a proud brewery horse – and everyone’s sweetheart!

Date of birth   17.04.2008
Stockmass   170 cm
Weight   950 kg
Breed   Boulonnais
With Feldschlösschen   since 2008 (born in the castle stables)