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Pferdekoppel beim Stiftungsheim Le Jeanbrenin

Pferdekoppel beim Stiftungsheim Le Jeanbrenin

Halter-free life in the region of the Freibergen

Someday our dray horses will go into well-deserved retirement. When they have reached retirement age (usually at the age of approximately 18), they move from Feldschlösschen’s stable in Rheinfelden to their “retirement home” in the Jura Mountains.

For many years Feldschlösschen’s dray horses have spent their retirement years in the pastures of the “Stiftung für das Pferd” (Horse Foundation) homes. Here they enjoy a halter-free life in the region of the Freiberge together with other horses, ponies and donkeys

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Horse Foundation

The “Stiftung für das Pferd” was founded in 1958 and is based in Berne. It welcomes old horses, ponies and donkeys to its homes and offers them wonderful retirement years in wide pastures in the Jura Mountains – among a herd, yet protected and cared for by humans.

The foundation has three homes for horses: “Le Roselet” (in the municipality of Les Breuleux), “Le Jeanbrenin” (near Tramelan in the Bernese Jura region) and “Maison Rouge” (near the village of Les Bois).

Stiftungsheim Le Jeanbrenin

Stiftungsheim Le Jeanbrenin

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