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Our benefits

It is not just the wage that determines the appeal of an employer. Additional factors such as working climate, development opportunities and fringe benefits etc. are responsible for employees feeling comfortable in their workplace and being loyal towards their company.

Therefore, in addition to the usual wage in this line of business, Feldschlösschen offers its employees many interesting benefits:



Our Learning & Development Approach

Learning is a key element in the development and motivation of employees – and especially in talent development.

Our approach to learning & development is based on a model where we strive for 70% experience, e.g. short or long term assignments; 20% exposure e.g. mentoring, networking, coaching, and finally, 10% from formal learning and training in an action-based and blended format.


The wellbeing of our staff also means the wellbeing of our company. Therefore, good working conditions contribute significantly to the success.

Feldschlösschen is a “Friendly Work Space®”

In 2012 the Health Promotion Switzerland foundation awarded our company the “Friendly Work Space®” (Registered Partner) label and renewed this certification in 2018. This label is an award for organisations that successfully implement workplace health management. Friendly Work Space companies systematically champion good working conditions for their employees. Feldschlösschen is one of approximately 51 companies across the country to receive this award. We were the first industrial enterprise to pass this certification at the first attempt.


On behalf of the company staff

The purpose of the commission is to create good working conditions for the employees in accordance with the specifications of the GAV. It assumes a mediating role between employees and management. In the case of a disagreement, it listens to both sides in its capacity as a neutral, outside entity and helps to clarify the situation in an open discussion. 

The workers’ commission maintains a social partnership with the Unia union to enforce legal action under employment law in the employees’ interest.

Occupational Pension Plan

As a legally independent pension fund, the Personalvorsorgestiftung of the Feldschlösschen Beverages Group insures its employees within the scope of occupational provisions against the risk of old age, death and invalidity and offers timely benefits at a high level.


Health is our most valuable asset

Health management

At Feldschlösschen, health topics have always been of great importance. We believe that our company’s success depends significantly on healthy and motivated staff. Therefore, we regard workplace health management and prevention as an important pillar in our HR strategy.

Workplace health management promotes a pleasant work climate and more health-conscious behaviour. 


With specific measures such as ergonomic workstations, training on time management, stress prevention and handling shift work or assumption of costs for flu vaccinations, we promote our employees’ health and efficiency. This way we can reduce absences due to illness.  

In case of accident or illness, the people responsible look after, support and advise both our staff and their superiors. In case of a longer-term absence due to illness or accident, the workplace health management helps with the reintegration into the workplace (case management).