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We communicate openly

Irrespective of our role or position, we communicate actively and transparently at all levels. We exchange ideas and information in team meetings or during the monthly after-work meeting, or discuss what's on our mind with the CEO over a beer. In doing so, we treat each other kindly and are always open to feedback and constructive criticism. We are informed of the priorities and goals by the management during the annual staff information event and are given an insight into the business development on a monthly basis. We ensure an active flow of information via various communication channels, such as the Intranet, notice boards, staff magazine and personal conversations.

Together we are stronger

Management at Feldschlösschen is based on clear, mutually agreed objectives that are aligned with the company's vision and strategy. Each year, all employees arrange their personal goals with their superiors and are assessed at the end of the year on the basis of the extent to which these goals have been met.



There are many goals to aim for in life. In order to stay on track, we adhere to the deep-seated values of being a “pioneer, master, partner”. These principles form the foundation of our unique culture and our success. We live by these values and put them into practice on a daily basis. They help us stay focused on our goals and achieve them.

A pioneer is the first as he drives innovation.

In the future, we will continue to explore new avenues, to break the conventions, to develop products and services, which our customers and consumers are unaware of today, but which they will use tomorrow.


A master is the best as he is only satisfied with outstanding premium quality.

In the future we want to continue to deliver top quality, to be the number one in the Swiss beer market, to expand in the beverage market, to strive for outstanding performance and to exceed ourselves.

A partner is the most successful in the long term as he secures the future through responsible action.

In the future we will continue to connect people, to hold on to our Swiss roots and to assume responsibility for our environment.




Many must search intensively to find their destiny. Our purpose has always been there. We perfect our work every day. We give everything to brew better and better beers. Beers that are at the center of moments when people come together. We are not satisfied with short-term success when we can create a better today and tomorrow for all of us.

J.C. Jacobsen combined willingness to innovate with foresight. He recognized that the quality of the yeast strain is crucial for an excellent beer. That is why he invested in a research centre with its own laboratory and founded the Carlsberg Foundation.

Theophil Roniger & Matthias Wüthrich were an innovative and far-sighted duo. For their vision of a good beer for Switzerland, they made targeted investments in cooling systems and transport capacities. In this way, they made the step from the local regional to the national beer market and committed themselves to the region and society.

The Swiss and the Dane were kindred spirits. What united them was their foresight and the vision of brewing a beer of the highest, consistent quality. Her life's work is still valid today: Carlsberg from Copenhagen and Feldschlösschen from Rheinfelden stand for quality and beer culture. Since the year 2000, they have been united by a partnership that carries the life's work of the founders into the future.