Mineral water bottling facility

Mineral water from the Grisons Mountains

At our location in Rhäzüns in the Canton of Grisons, we bottle our mineral waters Rhäzünser and Arkina from our own springs and produce various soft drinks. The natural mineral waters have a rich and balanced mineral content, which comes from the rock layers of the Grisons Mountains.

In Rhäzüns we also produce the licensed products of the brands Pepsi and 7Up, as well as our own brands Alpinesse, Queen’s, Rhäzünser Plus, Rhäzünser Citro and Bergamotte.


The springs emerge on the left bank of the Hinterrhein not far from the so-called Rhäzünserstein at the foot of the Heinzenberg Mountain. They are harnessed at a depth of 50 metres. The mineral waters come to the surface after approximately 18 years in Rhäzüns, where they are bottled at the mineral water bottling facility.

The Rhäzüns mineral spring was first mentioned historically at the end of the 18th century; however, it was only harnessed 100 years later. The mineral water bottling facility and the springs have been a part of Feldschlösschen since 1998.